Master Instructor and Owner - Latif I. Whitsett

 Latif continues to dedicate his law enforcement career to coordinating, facilitating and instructing peace officers, corrections and security  personnel. He truly has a passion for teaching. 

After ten years with the Tulsa County Sheriff's  Office, Latif currently holds the rank of Corporal with the Tulsa Housing Authority Unit. In addition, Latif serves as an Assistant Team Leader on the Tulsa county SWAT team. 

Latif is an instructor for the Tulsa Technology Center unarmed and armed security program and Goodwill Tulsa Works unarmed security program.

Latif also conducts continuing education classes (CEU's) at both schools.

After almost 8 years of either teaching or assisting in the law enforcement training division, Latif created Alpha 1 Tactical LLC to give law enforcement, security, military, and private civilians access to intermediate and advanced training at an affordable price. 


Current  Instructor Certifications:

- Ballistic Shield Instructor

- ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events 

- ALERRT Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events

- Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts 

- CLEET Peace Officer Academy Adjunct

- CLEET Basic Instructor Development

- NRA Basic Instructor Development

- NRA Pistol Instructor

- Glock Armorer


Lead Instructor Ricardo Vaca

 Current  Certifications:   

- Glock Armorer

- 4 yrs Amateur MMA Fighter

- 7 yrs Law Enforcement - Current

 - CLEET Basic Instructor Development 

- 4 yrs SWAT - Currently assigned as a Sniper

- 2017 OK State Submission Only Bronze Medalist 

- 7 yrs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Grappling - Purple Belt

- 2015 Oklahoma State Submission Only Bronze Medalist

-2017 American Grappling Federation National Silver Medalist


Adjunct Instructor For:

- Building Searching Concepts

- Vehicle Close Quarter Combat

- Handcuffing Techniques

- Advanced Defensive

- Basic Self Defense

- Search Techniques

- ASP Baton

- OC Spray